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The Artist
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I was born and grown up in Milan, Italy, where I studied several years journalism, and architecture at the Politecnico University.

I have been an artist all my life. Although I am a professional musician and producer, I constantly need to express my creativity in more directions.

Guitar and painting were my very first passions. I started when I was a child and I never stopped representing emotions with colors and forms, whether on canvas or on wood, but during the last years I dedicated more of my time to the creation of surrealistic images using different techniques of photocomposition.

What I wanted to create was something that could stir the imagination while mixing, fusing and manipulating real images.

When asked, I never feel very comfortable explaining the technique I used to make my creations, whether it is music, painting or graphic analog/digital composition.

My artistic goal is to rouse in my audience a sense of surprise and wonder followed by psychological depth, no matter the technique or method used.

In 2009 I moved to U.S.A., Las Vegas, and since then I have been invited to participate to some of the best South West Art shows where I was also honored with awards.


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